CFM Church Software

CFM Church Software is created to help churches with all their modern media needs.

Standardised software

There are many standardised software packages created, instantly ready for use.

Explore the different tools on this page

Customised software

Contact us for the development of customised software. For example we made bootcamp website registration websites, meet-and-greet website for singles.

Online tools

Tools // Software packages

Church websites

Free customisable websites for your church. Editable via Content Management System.

Bible app

Bible program with 68 bible translations, commentaries, search, reading plans, topics, extra books.

Custom Church Software

Such as registration websites for bootcamps, or any other project that requires custom software.

Church Mobile Website

A personalised Church Mobile website which can be used as an church APP, for Android and IOS.

Sermon Bible Texts

A mobile website that let users view the bible texts in their own language.

TV Broadcasting

Connected to our Calendar module, Church TVs can give up-do-date programming and custom slides to display.

Sheet software

For usage of sheets during the service. The song-service and media during sermons can be easily used and displayed and managed.

Followup manager

Followup manager to keep track of new-believers, and makes sure no one is forgotten in followup.

Portfolio (more coming)

Pictures of our software at work

CFM Leeuwarden

Website with integrated calendars

Bootcamp Netherlands

Customised Software

Meet and Greet

Customised Software

Church app

Mobile website & church app

Bible App

Personal bible app

Church TV Broadcast

Church Media

Church TV Broadcast

Church Media

Mobile Sermon Bible texts in 47 languages

Church Media

Church Media/Sheets

Church Media

Church Media/Sheets

Church Media


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently there are 68 bible translations available in the software. New bible translations can be added upon request.

  • Currently there are 68 bible translations available in 27 languages. New bible translations or languages can be added upon request.

  • We support Missionaries, therefore the software is free to use for missionaries part of the Christian Fellowship Ministries.

  • We welcome any ideas for improvement on any of our software. We develop rapidly fast so please contact us!

  • Currently 60+ churches use our software.


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Creator of

CFM Software is created by Dirk van Rijn, pastor of CFM Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

I will reply to questions and inquiries as soon as I can, please have a little patience.

Please contact us by email or whatsapp only.

If you want to call, then send an email/whatsapp with a call-back request.